Decking and Hexagonal Pergola

Water Features

Water features can enhance and transform your outdoor space and create a lush, restful atmosphere as well as being an irresistible attraction to local birds and wildlife in all types and styles of garden, ranging from a small patio terrace garden to a grand stately home's formal garden. Simply put, water features are beautiful and can only enhance the surrounding area by making an enchanting focal point in your garden. Although the majority look stunning in most locations, it is worth considering the style that either your garden currently portrays or the style that you would like to create. It's a myth that you need a large garden in order to have a water feature. Many features are small enough to fit neatly in a smaller garden or even on a balcony without taking up too much space and if room is really an issue, compact table top water features are ideal.

At Essex Gardener we are experts in water features and are always on-hand to answer any questions you may have both before and after installation about their features, installation and maintenance

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