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Lawn Treatments

To prevent moss and restore your lawn to a luscious, weed-free green, a regular lawn treatment is needed. Essex Gardener can provide annual treatments, as well as low priced one off visits to provide treatments for feeding, moss, weeds, fleas etc as well as a huge range of other Biological Pest Control treatments.

Essex Gardener can work with you to arrange a personalised treatment schedule, aiming to give you exactly what you need for your garden, whether that's a picture perfect green lawn, or an organic treatment for daddy long legs to help with a child's phobia.

If there is anything you would like to discuss or if there are any questions you might have please call us on either of the following numbers. Alternatively, you can contact Essex Gardener by filling out a small form and we can contact you instead.

01206 863255 or 07505 787386

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