Hedge and Tree Planting

Hedge and Tree Planting

Essex Gardener specialise in the supply and plant of trees, shrubs and hedges, from a single specimen to large scale planting. We pride ourselves on our ability to work to tight time schedules, limited budgets and in difficult site conditions.

Maintenance in the first few years following planting is crucial to ensure establishment. Some of the services we supply for young tress are tending (checking stakes, ties and guards, and pruning out broken and diseased branches), loosening ties and removing the stake altogether if the tree is stable, clearing vegetation from around the base and adding water when required.

If there is anything you would like to discuss or if there are any questions you might have please call us on either of the following numbers. Alternatively, you can contact Essex Gardener by filling out a small form and we can contact you instead.

01206 863255 or 07505 787386

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