Gardening services from Essex Gardener in Colchester

Grass Cutting - Regular grass cutting and strimming for commercial properties and residential premises. Essex Gardener can organise maintenance for all grass areas from small private gardens to several acres.

Lawn Care - Lawns need more than just cutting to be kept in their best condition. Annual schedules for aeration and scarification can be arranged as well as natural fertilisation and watering services.

Garden Maintenance - Essex Gardener regularly maintains the gardens and grounds of many properties in and around the Colchester area on regular weekly, fortnightly and monthly schedules.

Garden Clearance - Clearance of overgrown and neglected spaces. We can cut back and clear any troublesome areas to bring them under control or completely remove everything to create a blank canvas.

Hedge Cutting - Maintenance and shaping of hedges and borders to redefine the boundaries of a property with crisp, clean hedge lines.

Plants and Planting Design - A design and planting service to add new life to old borders or to create a new bed and bring colour and structure to a new area.

Moss Treatments - Moss can be a problem in any lawn and we offer solutions to tackle this by better management rather than chemical treatments.

Stump Removal - A professional service to remove stumps for future building works, turf or any other reason.

Colchester based landscaping services from Essex Landscapes

Garden Design - A complete garden design and build service. We can create, build and manage a landscape project from the initial design stages to final completion.

Commercial Landscaping - Maintenance and build of larger commercial areas. Turf, hedges, planting of communal areas and other services all covered by 10,000,000 public liability insurance.

Hedge and Tree Planting - Essex Landscapes can plant younger saplings for hedgerows and maintain them until established as well as planting semi-mature trees for bigger statements.

Turfing - New grass areas created from locally sourced turf. Essex Landscapes can also repair shady spots below a trampoline and other problem grass areas with new turf.

Grass Seeding - As an alternative to turfing we can prepare and then sew grass seeds to cover much greater areas in a cost effective manner.

Patios and Pathways - A new patio adds an extra living space to a home. Available in a huge range of stones, colours and shapes there is a perfect blend of style for every house.

Patio Repair and Repointing - After time patios can become tired and damaged. Essex Landscapes can put new life into an old patio by replacing any broken slabs, relaying anything loose and then repointing to finish.

Patio Cleaning and Jet Washing - Build up of algae, moss and other debris can leave a patio looking messy and increase the likelihood of slipping accidents. A quick jet wash can remove all this and leave an old patio looking ne again.

Decking - We have created many decking areas for happy clients with lights, integrated water features, smoke machines and more.

Pergolas - Late on a summer's day, sat amongst the sweet smelling climbers trailing off the pergola, sun on your face and a cold drink in hand. Need I say more?

Irrigation - Water is an essential ingredient to a healthy garden and as such we offer a service to help with rain collection and water recycling in the garden.

Drainage - Too much water can damage foundations, contribute to the build up of moss in lawns and cause lots of other problems too.

Water Features - The sound of running water is a great addition to any garden. It also adds a means of keeping a body of water oxygenated and full of life.

Ponds - A pond adds a vital resource for wildlife in a garden and with it they add a layer of tranquility and calm to a garden.

Outhouse Builds - We can design and erect summer houses, sheds and other outside garden structures. Set on bearers or solid concrete we can build a suitable base for whatever structure you have in mind.

Shed Removal - We can remove old sheds, garages, aviaries and other structures once they have grown past usefulness. We can also break out and remove any concrete standings these buildings might have.

Colchester based fencing services from Essex Fencing

Concrete Post and Gravel Board - Concrete posts and gravel boards are excellent long lasting fence materials. The gravel boards extend the life of a fence by keeping it from the ground and even when the panels do deteriorate they can be replaced simply.

Close Board Fencing - A simple fencing system to create a join free looking fence typically created from a different range of vertical feather-edged boards similarly attached to arris rail and posts.

Hit and Miss Fencing - A post and rail frame with pickets secured vertically alternating between the front and back of the rail. A good solution to fencing in high winds.

Timber Knee Rail - A simple yet effective low height fencing system to keep pedestrian traffic away from certain areas.

Picket Fences - The archetypal garden fence.

Post and Rail Fence - A simple boundary fence for bordering large areas.

Rabbit Fencing - Keep out unwanted rabbits, rodents and other animals with a range of different products designed specifically for the job.

Fence Painting - Add some colour to a fence with a range of different products.

Fence Treatments - All exterior timber products need to be treated regularly to keep out rot and other fungal growths.

Fence Repair - Broken posts and rotten panels can be repaired to get an extended life out of an old fence. We can also fix damage caused by high winds on all types of fence.

Our sister companies are made up of teams dedicated to bringing you better, more efficient services that encompass a wider range of needs in our catchment area.

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